Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have just started playing Darts, which weigth should I use to begin?

A rookie darter should start with a slightly heavy dart (24 grams or more). A light dart will drift more when the player who throws it is less skilful. Technique is also very important. A darts player should finish the swing of his arm while throwing. This will prevent arm injuries. For suggestions on how to throw it is useful to watch professional players at work, on TV or ou YouTube for example.

2. What is the dart board made of?

The board mainly consists of sisal, a natural fiber harvested in Africa or Brazil. A common misunderstanding is that a board consists of hair of horses. This is however an urban legend. Another misconception is that the board can be cleaned using water. Don’t do this! Water makes the fibers expand drastically.

3. What is the dart board’s lifetime?

Of course this depends on the type of board, how much you use it and the circumstances it endures (temperature, humidity and light). It is important to turn your board once in a while, to prevent a weary board. Of course you should rearrange the ring with the numbers so that the 20 remains on top. A dartboard is considered weary when all around the board you see unevennesses, holes and bumps. Sometimes triple or double areas get so bad that darts fall out. Also, the wires might break or bend.

4. Heigth of the board and throwing distance?

In the standard game of darts, the board is hung so that the bulls eyes is 5ft 8in (1.73m) from the floor. The Oche is the line that a throwing player must stand behind, this generally 7ft 9in (2.37m) from the face of the board.

5. What should I do with a damaged product or a product with a manufacturing error?

We ask you to return a damaged product to us, in which of course we take care of delivery costs. We can only determine the condition of a product and find a solution to the problem when it’s being send back. When your claim is considered to be valid, we will send you a new product, free of charge.

6. In which sizes do the dart shirts come?

All Bulls dartshirts from our current collection can be found on our website. The sizes are mentioned in the product description. Sizes are defined as from a shirt that lays flat on the ground and of which the width and the height is measured.

7. After ordering there is something wrong with I-deal online payment. Is there another way to fulfil the payment?

There are always alternatives around I-Deal. When your screen freezes at a crucial point during your payment you can always manually remit your payment to our bank account. If you decide to do this, we ask you to add your order number to the payment description and via email inform us that you have paid.

8. Can darts products be tested at home?

This is not possible. We do not take back products that show signs of usage. It is however possible to test products at our store at de Kleine Woerdlaan, Naaldwijk.

9. Are darts, flights and shafts sold as sinple pieces or as a set of 3?

A unit of darts, flights or shafts consists of a set of 3 pieces. The same goes for flight protectors. In case of doubt please read the product description on the website.