Buying Protection Darts Products?

Surrounds, Cabinets and Dartmats.
When you finally have everything you need to start playing darts at home, you also want to make sure that the sharp steel tips do not demolish your house. The wall and the floor are often not dartproof. Of course, Darts Warehouse offers the solution to your problems with products that not only protect, but also can give a nice touch to your dart cave!


Surrounds surround the board to protect the wall, it’s easy as that. Surrounds are manufactured using either rubber or EVA foam.
The Bull’s foam surround consists of 4 pieces and is therefore called 4-piece surround. The pieces fit like a puzzel to create the round surround. These 4-piece surrounds are also very suitable to print on, your personal text or simple logo. Check for the possibilities.
The Bull’s Advantage Surrounds are commonly seen as the best Surrounds in the world. These rubber surround last for many years and are available in three colours, black, red and blue. The Unicorn Surrounds (used on tv in PDC events) are of practically the same quality as the Bull’s Surrounds. When you fancy a fresh green, steady yellow or a fierce gold surround, check out our Unicorn Surrounds.

Bulls Rubber ringen voor het dartbord         Bull's Guard Surround Black


Cabinets create a fashionable atmosphere. Not only does it protect the wall, it is also commonly seen as a nice addition to the living room. Cabinets are manufactured using either wood or aluminium. Wooden Cabinets, especially the Bull’s Deluxe Cabinets, are very good looking and, to further spice them up, Darts Warehouse offers printing on the Cabinets. Wooden Cabinets are available in Black and in LightOak. The Aluminium Cabinets are less heavy and also a bit more expensive, available in Black and Silver.

Bull's Classic Kabinet online bestellen bij


Dart Mats
Dart Mats are your partners in protecting the floor and darts. Every dart player tries his or her very best to not let the darts fall on the floor, but sadly it does happen on occasion. Available consisting of odourless rubber or as a carpet mat, the mats protect both your floor and your darts. Again, dart mats also are a nice addition to your dart cave.
Darts Warehouse offers the mats plain, but also with an in-build oche. Just make sure that this oche is 2.37m from the board and you are good to go! Playing a dart match with an oche often gives you a feeling of professionalism, which will almost certainly lead to many 180’s! Darts Warehouse also offers throw-line stickers that can be used to indicate the correct distance from the board. Most important in all this is that you measure correctly!

Bull's Dartmat Kopen                Bulls Carpet Dartmat van Tapijt


In short, Darts is a very simple game in general, but the ultimate darting experience can only be achieved if you dive a bit further in the world of darts. At Darts Warehouse, the sky is the limit! Everything imaginable in Darts is available on our website. If you, after all this blogging, still have questions, remarks or comments, we are very much willing to discuss the matter with you. Let’s Play Darts!

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