Dart Boards:

Professional dart boards are made of bristle, a fiber derived from plants. The modern boards have very thin metal wires, inlaid into the sisal, to border the sections. Especially Unicorn, Bulls, Shot! And Winmau use this technique, which minimizes the risk of bounce-outs. Recreative children’s boards are usually made of paper or wood, or from metal (magnetic). The top brands, for example Bulls, also deliver a professional device to hang your dart board on the wall.


A darts consists of three parts. The Barrel (and tip), the shaft and the flight.

The barrel is made of tungsten, a metal with a high density. Therefore it is possible to design darts  that are very slim and also darts with various shapes. Barrels for recreational darts are composed of brass, a cheaper alloy. Brass is less dense than tungsten and thus a dart with similar weight will be thicker.

The balance of a dart is very important, as well as the grip on the barrel. Every darts player has his own preferences concerning weight, shape and grip. Darts Warehouse provides its customers with a wide variety of Darts, covering many possible variations in weight, shape, grip and balance.


The shaft is the connection between the barrel and the flight. The shaft is also very important in balancing the dart. Length of the shaft and the material of which it is derived are very important the balance. Therefore, Darts Warehouse has an assortment of numerous shafts with every possible size and numerous materials.

 Hint: Darts Warehouse offers a Shaft Test Kit, ideal to help find the perfect shaft.



The flight serves as a stabalizer. Every player has his own style and the choice of flights is very dependent on the style of throwing. Different shapes of flights result in very different flight behaviour of the entire dart. Darts Warehouse offers a wide variety of flights, consisting of every shape and thickness used in Darts.

Hint: Darts Warehouse offers a Flight Test Kit, ideal to help find the perfect flight.

Apart from the shape, flights also vary in thickness, denoted in terms of micron. Usual thicknesses are 75, 100, 125 and 150 micron. Every size has its advantages and disadvantages.

Thicker flights usually last longer without breaking, but they are more expensive and lead to a higher risk of a collision with an incoming second or third dart. For flights also goes that every player has his own preferences and only by trying different shapes and materials one can be sure which flight is perfect. Darts Warehouse offers Nylon, Metallic, Dimplex and Plastic flights, again each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Darts Warehouse offers various brands of flights: Bulls, McKicks, Unicorn, Winmau, Harrows, Masterdarts, Shot! and Target.

Apart from shape, thickness and material, which determine the quality of throwing, Darts Warehouse flights are often decorated with nice colours, designs, cartoons and sometimes even catchy one-liners. You can make your darts perfect for both hand and eye!