Download and print your return form HERE.

For warranties we ask you to contact us via email. Check the Warranty

Goods that are being returned need to carry sufficient postage.

When your order has been delivered via postal service you have the right to return it without providing us with a reason.

Requirements for returning a product: 

  • The products need to be intact, in original package and undamaged.
  • The returning products need to be packaged thoroughly.
  • Packages that are being returned need to carry sufficient postage
  • We are not responsible for irregularities caused by shipping problems at the delivery company. Returning the product is at the client’s own risk.
  • Return sendings should be performed within 10 business days.

To avoid problems caused by failed deliveries or something like that, we recommend you to send your return via registered post.

Products that are excluded from our Return service: 

  • Opened (in case of closed products) or damaged products
  • Products with special design or additions commissioned by the client.
  • Products ordered otherwise than via postal service

Darts Warehouse has the right to deny returns or to only return a percentage of the payment, whenever we suspect that the product is already used, damaged by the client or in some other way does not meet the terms of Returning.